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Youtube Marketing Made Easy

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Youtube Marketing Made Easy

If you’re not sold on Youtube marketing yet, or maybe you’re sold on it but not DOING it, here’s some stuff that may motivate:

-Youtube is the 3rd top site in the world, after Google and Facebook

-Over 1 BILLION unique users visit the site each month

-Over 6 Billioin hours of video are watched each month. That’s almost an hour for every person on earth! (and up over 50% from last year!)

-Youtube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network

-Millions of people subscribe to channels each day, and channel subscriptions have doubled since last year

-THOUSANDS of channels are making over $100,000 a year!

-100 million people make a social action on Youtube (like, share, comment, etc.) every week

7 Steps to Success

1. Pick your topic (Identify your niche)

2. Create a Youtube account for the niche

3. Create a channel

4. Keyword research

5. Create your video

6.  Optimize your video for massive traffic

7. Rank your video

Watch The Live Show Recording!

Step 1: Pick your topic and identify your niche

If you have been in business any length of time, you should probably have a good idea by now who your target market is. It’s beyond the scope of this post to go into great depth on this, but here are some great questions you can ask to get you started:

-What kind of people are you trying to reach? Male or female? Old or young? What are their interests?

-What are they looking for? What makes them happy? What can you provide them that would make their heart sing?

-What problems do they have? What keeps them awake at night worrying about?

-Where are they from?

-What is their budget for your product or service?

These are all great questions you need to ask before you start putting together your strategy. The better you understand how your audience thinks (and buys!) the more likely you are to be successful.

Step 2: Create a Youtube account.

I recommend creating a separate Gmail account for each niche or vertical that you have. I made the mistake of uploading a variety of videos to my personal gmail account a while back (gmail and youtube logins are the same thing these days) and it was a BIG mistake! So I recommend starting with a new Gmail account that represents your brand. For example, if you sell Blue Widgets, try to get And if its not available get something close, or add a number to it etc.

Step 3: Setting up your Channel

-Upload channel art

-Customize your channel URL

-Enter your channel description, links etc.

Step 4: Pick a relevant keyword

Keyword research is another art unto itself, and I highly recommend you DO NOT use multi-step, hours long, complicated processes to do this, rather, use the one stop keyword tool that has served me well for over 4 years, SEM Rush. In it, you are wanting to determine 3 things about your product or service:

1. Online interest

2. Intent (How likely they are to buy)

3. Weak competition

Step 5: Create your Video!

There are 4 primary methods of Youtube video creation. I have done all 4, and in the end, found that the principle of Occam’s razor always serves me best, it states:

“Usually, the simplest way is the best way.”

That being said, your particular needs may demand a Hollywood production, expensive script writer, and high end photography, in which case option 4 is for you. Otherwise, options 1, 2 and 3 will work fine for the vast majority of small business people:

Youtube Video Creation Methods:

1. Create a slide show and record your voice as you go through it. And here’s where it gets embarrassing, but I’m going to show you this anyway. I created this video, using a great keyword, and it’s TERRIBLE. I hate my voice, the slides kind of suck, and I made it in under an hour, and you will KNOW I’m not exaggerating that when you see it. But the good news? It’s brought in over $5,000 since I put it live on Youtube! As lousy as it is and as hesitant as I am to show it to you, I have to just open up part of my own business hood here and show you just how simple this whole thing can be. check it out in Youtube:

As I write this post, it has over 5,000 views, and enough people come to the site and buy product to more than justify the hour of my time, and the long term humiliation of having such a lousy video permanently residing on Youtube. But… are you inspired yet 😉 Think about the power of making such a simple video, then making money long term with zero maintenance or trouble? That’s the power of Youtube.

Here’s the recommended tools for this method:

Mac: Keynote for slide creation and Screenflow for recording.

PC: Powerpoint for slid creation and Camtasia for recording.

In addition, I highly recommend a professional quality podcasting microphone, which is not that expensive. I use a Blue Snowball, and it has worked very well for me and sounds great. About $50-70 on Amazon.

2. The second method is to do a screen video capture recording a website, while you talk.

3. Just record yourself talking to the camera. Takes more guts, confidence, and multiple re-takes, but can work very well.

4. Just pay somebody else to do the whole thing! Challenge? It’s expensive, and often doesn’t even work as well as options 1, 2, or 3. But sometimes, there’s just no substitute for professionalism.

Which ever method you decide on, use these tips:

-Make sure your content is of high value. Even though my video above isn’t that great, the content was good enough to generate decent sales.

-Watch 3-5 competitors videos before making your own. Often, you will pick up great ideas, plus see what they could have done better.

-Keep them short. People have short attention spans. There’s no magic number on how short, but 1-5 minutes is a great range. Don’t make it any longer than it has to be to get your point across.

-Make enough slides so you aren’t on any single one for more than a minute, every 20-30 seconds is ideal.

-Put the URL of your website across the bottom of the entire video. That way, if it gets embedded somewhere else, people can link to you site.

-Share a portion of your message, with the rest being shared through clicking the link in the description box.

-Be professional! Do not use foul language, or be too casual. There a great old saying, “Be yourself, but be your better self.” Remember, these videos are permanent, make them something you will be proud of.

Step 6: Optimize your video

There are 3 things you have to get right in order to get it found and watched:

Title, Description, and Tags.

And, simply put, you need to use the keyword you found earlier, in all three places. Let’s take the title of this post I’m creating, for example. Now, it’s a lousy title for a Youtube video because it doesn’t qualify in the “low competition” arena, but we will use it for demonstration purposes anyway:

Youtube Marketing… that’s the keyword. So, how can we create a headline out of it? Well, simple, we come up with some compelling supportive text, such as:

Youtube Marketing Made Easy or

Youtube Marketing: 7 Simple Steps or

Youtube Marketing For Dummies

… you get the idea. Work it into the description as well, and remember, the description box on Youtube allows up to 1,500 characters! You can use your keyword 2-3 times easily. Don’t use it more than that, as it will come across as what we call “Keyword Stuffing,” or “over-optimization,” 2-3 times is enough.

Step 7: Rank your video.

OK, here’s where I basically throw my hands up and tell you that this step is WAY beyond a blog post. Cough up the lousy 27 bucks and not only get our complete Youtube Video Marketing course, but ALL of our training courses, and we really go into depth on how to get your video ranked. It really would be way too much to tell you right here. So, hopefully you have enjoyed this post and gotten a heckufalot of value from it.

To your success!

Dave Sherwin









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