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The small business forum took place this morning in Draper, UT, and as promised on our radio show I attended and took copious notes, and there’s really some great nuggets in here! Thanks to Debbie Lechner (pictured), small business forum presentationthe presenter, for doing an outstanding job, I picked up 4-5 really sweet nuggets from this and know that you will too.

These workshops are held throughout the country, and in conjunction with the Pro golf tour, so make sure and go to and check out the schedule to see when they will be in a city near you.

Note that these notes are pretty raw, just copied and pasted right from my iPad into this blog post, so please forgive brevity, grammatical mistakes, or any other neanderthal like writing. Of course, feel free to leave comments or ask questions and I would be happy to clarify anything you don’t understand. That being said, I’m sure you’ll pick up some great nuggets here!

The fundamentals of online marketing

Business plan
Target audience
What makes you great, differentiates you

Do you have a good website

-good domain, dos it represent your brand, can customers remember it?

-what are you it to be good at?

The goal of your website really needs to be clear to you, whether drive calls, leads, visits, sales.

-is your phone number easy to find

-hours of operation

– does it convey your value proposition

-does it include trust marks

-does is include relevant imagery. Clean crisp photography and videos

-does it provide key information about what you do?

Optimize your google marketing for mobile devices with click to call functionality

Make sure the domain is yours, not somebody else’s

-who will design the layout, write copy, will it be SEO friendly, who do I call if it isn’t working, established track record

SEO, one of the most important elements of your site

Google reads your site like a book, top to bottom, left to right

-word tracker keyword tool

Submit to major search engines and directories

Get others to link to your site

Reviews matter, ask your customers to review your services on google places, yelp, citysearch etc, Google places,,

It takes 3,6, or 9 months to show up, so do paid marketing first

Schedule 30 minutes, make a list of industry sites and reach out to them and ask for links

Google places, local businesses have to claim their spot

Social media IS about sales, just not on day 1

-engage, establish credibility, build trust

Its about relationshiops

-like dating, dont ask for marriage on first date

-dont overtly ask for sales

Social media is where it all comes together

-get people talking, tweeting, posting

-search engine results drive your website goals of leads, visits, calls


Facebook average number of friends 130. Hundreds of years ago villages were about 130 and if grew largr people split off and formed a new village

Q does size matter

A Dont focus on likes, focus on engagement

Q will all my posts be read?

A 5-15% of fan base will see your posts. Kmow when your fans are on. Schedule your posts!

Most popular times to post, 5 pm, 7 pm, 11 pm

Q Facebook will directly impact my sales?

A engage, build trust, inspire

Q i must be on Facebook, right?

A know your customers, go where they are. Instagram, linkedin,

Start conversations that are interesting to your fans.

Photos with shirt text work best

Use promoted posts, paid posts that run for 3 days and are seen by your fans and their friends

Track your lcs scores, target 4 or greater

Paid ads

Create engaging ads with clear calls to action

Sponsored stories!


-website must be mobile friendly

-paid search only for mobile


83% of americans are buying products online evy month

Consumers spent $194b online last year

Online tail projected 250 b next year

Ecommerce, more than physical goods

-physical products


-Events, seminars, classes

-Digital productsDonations

-Gift certificates

Pci compliant

Support multiple shipping options

Ability to collect taxes

Merchandising tools

Dynamic catalog

Flexible product options

Optimized for search engines

Promotn capability

Sales reporting

Summary of three things from each major category:

-represent your brand

-use top recognised extentions

-buy mis spellings of urls


Know your goals

Fresh content (quarterly at least)

Long tail keywords


Keyword research




Customer focused search terms


Analyze results

Social media

Be creative, inspire, cause a stir

Be prepared, schedule and analyze

Be accountable, listen and respond

Send email saying something like half off, like the oage and coupon code supplied there…


Sell or take payments

Be secure

Cross sell


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