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25 Free Ways To Get Traffic To A Site

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OK, here’s 25 free ways to get traffic to a site. Not in detail (too much work) but hopefully this at least gives you some ideas, because very few marketers are using all of them, and maybe just a handful could make a HUGE difference in your business!

Here we go:

1 Social Content Sites like
2 Articles
3 Twitter
4 Facebook
5 Other social media
6 Leave blog comments
7 Get other people linking to you
8 Newspaper classifieds
9 Direct mail
10 Offline newsletters
11 Podcasting
12 Videocasting
13 Meetup groups
14 Blogging
15 Joint ventures
16 Affiliate programs
17 Text messaging
18 Instant messaging
19 Flyers
20 Forums
21 E-mail
22 Banner Ads
23 Press Releases
24 Networking with current clients/ customers
25 Safelists

Note: The idea isn’t to try to do them all at once! Pick one, implement it, and move on to another! Just one “mission critical” business improvement per day leads to massive income over time!

And if you don’t HAVE a website to build your online network marketing business, why not? Get one here!

Lighthouse Marketing System

And if you have other great free methods, or questions about any of the ones I listed, make sure and leave a comment!

Dale Calvert’s free and low cost lead generation ideas.

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