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High Definition Sucks (For Video Marketing)

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So Video Marketing is the big thing, right? Well, I’ve been to the mountain, and returned with the scrolls, and it’s official. High def sucks.

I have now produced videos on Youtube in 4 different formats:

-Powerpoint style, showing my screen and recording a voice-over

-Live video with a High-Definition Sony camcorder

-Live video with a high Definition Mino Flip Camera

-Live video with a regular Mino Flip Camera

Guess which one I like the best? The regular old, $129 Flip camera. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it doesn’t take an external drive to store all the footage! Here’s what I dont’ like about High Def (at least for video marketing)

-It takes too much space on my hard drive

-It takes forever to render when I’m editing

-It has to be “dumbed down” for the internet anyway.

The Flip camera fits in my pocket, it super easy to use, and can instantly be uploaded to the web.

So if you’re just getting started with Video Marketing, save yourself a boatload of cash, and grab the most convenient, lowest bandwidth solution: a simple, regular definition camera that’s point, shoot, and edit easy..

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William Randall December 30, 2009, 11:16 pm

Good call! Add to it, most computer monitors frankly aren’t big enough to see much of an improvement with HD footage.

Maybe if your video marketing features sweeping vistas in Yellowstone and glorious sunsets on the beach, HD makes sense. For talking heads, not so much.