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Coolest of the Twitter tools

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Looking for kewl twitter tools? Well, I hesitate to give this one out. I wish I could monetize it somehow, but I can’t, so to you, most esteemed and faithful reader of my humble blog, I am going to bite the bullet and tell you about this, the coolest of the free twitter tools.

It’s called tweet later, and it basically automates the twitter process.

As you can see from the logo, you can Schedule Tweets, Auto-Follow, and Auto-Welcome at So now instead of interrupting your day, you can map out some good content for your twitter community, schedule it, auto-follow those that follow you, and provide an “auto-reply” as well. Mine reads:

Thanks for following! Grab a free gift at my blog!

So that’s your “twitter tools” tip of the day, head on over now and get your free account. And follow me at:

To your online network marketing success!

Dave Sherwin.

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