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Top Ten Online Marketing Mistakes People Make

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Online marketing can be a confusing world to get into.  It’s easy to waste time on the right things and not give dedicate enough time to critical steps that will bring in money long term.  Here is our list of top ten online marketing mistakes that people make:

1. Not Getting Started.

The number one problem most people make is not getting started.  In the world of online marketing the best approach you can take is what we call “ready, fire, aim.”  Make sure you are at least doing something, then you can course correct and improve along the way.

2. Not Working Hard Enough on Your Website

Your website is the most important (if not only) part of your online efforts.  Make sure your website:

  • Is easy and obvious to navigate
  • Has a call to action
  • Provides the information people want to know
  • Looks Good
  • Has the proper meta tags, keywords, etc.
  • Is built to keep your visitor interested and engaged

3. Treating Your Website as an Expense

Do not ever think of your website as an expense!  Websites are income producing assets.  Just like starting a business or buying a rental property, if done well and marketed correctly, a website can generate steady income for years to come.  Even if your website is just to promote your brick and mortar business, never under estimate the power of a good website. Several of our local search clients have relayed to us that their customers told them they chose them over their competitors solely on how their website looked (we may have had a small hand in that with our amazing consulting and design work).

4. Lack of Research Into Your Niche

This is a big mistake people make. If you are hoping to build a website as an income producing asset be sure to do a lot of research into your niche.  Look at the competition, number of monthly searches, general popularity, and how it’s being sold around the web. Know the market intimately before you try to tap into it.

5. Lack of Keyword Research Education

Learn as much as you possibly can about how to do good keyword research.  Keyword research can make or break you in this industry and there are so many good resources out there that can teach you how.  For comprehensive training courses on Keyword Research and tons of other tools, check out our premium membership!

6. Maintaining a Lousy Sales Funnel

Make sure that your sales process is thorough and as flawless as you can get it.  A good sales funnel can be the difference in thousands of dollars every month once your site starts getting a lot of traffic.  The best way to see where you can improve is just by going through your sales process as if you are the customer and note things to improve.  Another great way is to simply ask your customers what they think you could improve or do better!

7. Limited Strategy

If you want to get into online marketing, it’s important to think big.  The fact is, it takes almost the same amount of time and effort to  create a $1000 per month site as a $100,000 one.  Everything you do should be focused on the long term.  Make sure your social strategy is sweet, even when you only have 50 likes and 200 followers; it will make a difference in the long run.

8. Outsourcing Social Marketing and Other A Level Tasks

Outsourcing is a big part of online marketing, but never, ever outsource your social marketing to b-level people.  Always be a thought leader in your business or find somebody who is worthy of taking over for you and who knows your niche as well as you do.  Bad grammar on your Facebook page will turn people off faster than you can say “woops.”

9. Lottery Thinking

Online Marketing is not a Lottery!  It can be an incredible vehicle to help you realize your dreams, but it does require work, evaluation, dedication, and learning. If done right, you can create six figure per month sites, but it will require a lot of effort on your part.  To learn our step by step process of how to create a million dollar per year site check out Black Box Marketing.

10. Thinking Static

Online Marketing is a field of constant improvement, evaluation, and course correction.  Never become idle in your marketing efforts.  Make sure you are doing a little bit every day to make your business grow.  Always be dynamic and ready to test and try new methods..

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