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Time Management And Life Hacks for Online Marketers

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If you make your living in online marketing, as I do, you face unique challenges in running and building your business. I’m going to share some of the cool “life hacks” and time management tricks that have helped me build a pretty sweet online marketing business, I hope they serve you well!

1. Develop a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly MO (Method of Operation.) I use a simple mind map, that lists all of the important activities I have to do each day as a marketer, as well as those tasks that have to be done weekly and monthly. I actually print off my daily MO each morning, and start at the top and work my way down. The very most important things are at the top, so if my day gets away from me, what I missed was the stuff that wasn’t as important. I do the same for my weekly and monthly MO. Activities include:
-Review all tasks assigned to outsourcers, and add new tasks.
-Review calendar
-Plan social postings for Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Linkedin
-Create fresh content and podcasts for blogs and websites
-Beginning of day, review e-mail quickly for vital e-mails. End of day, empty inbox.
-Review affiliate stats and affiliate programs generally
-Financial review of budgets, income, expenses, and compare current results to monthly and yearly goals
-Set monthly goals
-Print financial statements for each project, and review
If I don’t keep these lists right in front of me, it’s amazing how easy it is to miss some of these important things. It’s a little bit personal, but with a tiny bit of reluctance I share my Daily MO here. Feel free to take what you want from it, and create one that makes your own heart sing.

My Daily MO. I just start at the top, and work my way down! I print one out every morning.

My Daily MO. I just start at the top, and work my way down! I print one out every morning.

2. Use all the software available to you. I’m amazed as I work with people just how little they use the amazing resources available to them. Don’t let that be you! Here are some of the great resources you should be using, along with tips and hacks.
-Your calendar app. No need for anything fancy here, in my opinion. Use a simple, free calendar, but make sure it syncs with all your devices! I’m a Mac fan, and I find that the provided calendar, contact manager, e-mail client, todo list, and notes features are all I need to keep track of most of the important data in my life. And because they sync well, I always have all my contacts, calendar, and mail with me on my phone, iPad, or computer. I’m never out of touch.
-Use a password manager. I’m a fan of lastpass, a simple, secure app that keeps track of all my usernames and passwords. It’s amazing how much time is wasted by people who can’t log into a service they need, or are away from their machine so they can’t work, because they don’t have vital access to their tools and services. Lastpass, or similar app, is a lifesaver.

3. Become an expert outsourcer. Even if your budget is small, outsource small tasks just to learn the skills involved, so that as your business grows, you can scale it and run it instead of it running you! Outsourcing has a learning curve to it, and the bigger your business gets, the more important it will become. If you plan on building your business as an income producing asset that makes you money whether you are working or not, you are going to need a small team of people that you trust, that can manage all of the daily activities of your business. But it all starts with you becoming a great leader.

4. Eliminate time wasting distractions. I made a rule a few years ago to never play a game on my work computer. That one simple habit has served me very well. When I’m at work, I’m working, period. I don’t get distracted by surfing, playing games, or Facebook. I have plenty of time to do those things later, as my business really only needs two to three hours per day to manage, but if I get distracted, two to three hours turns into eight.

Hope these tips help you be more effective and manage yourself and your business for greater profits and time freedom!

As always, leave comments questions below, and feel free to share if you like it!.

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