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2 Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter, 1 About Facebook

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new larger twitter cover photo 1

Just wanted to quickly throw some things out there about these two large social networks. 3 things that you may not have known about them. 2 about Twitter, 1 about Facebook

1. Twitter’s New Facebook Cover Photo

Recently Twitter changed it’s cover photo – again! It looks now almost exactly like a Facebook profile. But despite what a lot of people think, I don’t think it’s an actual copy of the Facebook profile. I think that they would have actually come to this design on their own whether Facebook was there or not. Why? Because everything is becoming a lot more heavily focused on graphics. They’ve been moving toward this for years now. And so has everyone else, there are social networks that you can’t even post a status update, all you can post is images! (see Pinterest, Instagram) So it’s no wonder that twitter is more focused on that now.

So now that they’ve changed their cover photo, we all have to go recreate our profiles. But, ya know what? I think it’s better this way because the people who aren’t active on twitter will be easily seen now. (hint: they’ll be the ones who haven’t updated their cover photos!)

So how do we update ours? Well, it hasn’t rolled out to the masses yet and is still in experiment phase right now. But, here’s someone who was lucky enough to be one of the testers:

TwitterLayout1The image dimensions are 1500 x 500 and can go as big as 1252 x 626. So though you may not have the capability to set it yet, you can still start designing it and thinking about how you’ll capitalize on all this new screen real estate that’s dedicated all to you!

2. Twitter – The Ideal Tweet

the ideal tweet - Ellen DeGeneresGoing along with Twitter’s theme of being more focused on content is the fact that based on research involving engagement, reach, clicks, etc, the ideal post to tweet is 75-100 characters with an image! If the tweet is too long, it won’t get read, if it’s too short, you’re probably not including enough “meat and potatos” for it to be worthwhile to anyone.

Plus, did you know that if your tweet is up around 140, that no one can retweet it without having to edit it?! Don’t make people edit your tweet to be able to share, cause it’s just not gonna happen.

3. Facebook – Ideal Post

most liked Facebook post 2013Facebook is also paying attention to images a lot more. (heck, a couple years ago they bought an image-based social network for $1billion!)

Marketers tend to think that the ideal post that you can get out there is a plain text status update because your reach will be the highest. But, how often are plain text status updates shared? Images, videos, and links are shared WAY more often! So, in all actuality, it’s a lot better to spend a little more time making a good pic that will get liked and shared instead of a status update that will be seen by a lot of people but not be liked or shared.

The IDEAL Facebook post in fact, is 100-150 characters WITH an image!

So there you go, keep on rocking out great content and wordcraft those status updates to keep the characters down for maximum share-ability!

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