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The Fusion Of SEO And Social Media Marketing

– Posted in: SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Marketing

The lines between social media marketing and SEO are definitely getting blurry. For example, if you Google my name, “dave sherwin” the “SEO” result will display about 50% regular old fashioned stuff (My site, articles, etc.) but the other half are social profiles, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

And this is not just true of names, but of almost any term you search anymore. For example, have you noticed how Google almost always places a Youtube video in position 5 for most search terms, hmmmm?! It’s true.

The fact is, good SEO people need to use Social Media Marketing to really get a good bang for the buck, and the reverse is true too. If you are only trying to do social marketing, you leave a lot on the table when people Google your product and you don’t show up in traditional places!

ClickZ has a great piece on it here. And if you want to save yourself a lot of hassle and time opening all those accounts, setting up, and doing all that nasty link building etc., let us do the heavy lifting for you over at the Social Marketing Blackbox!.

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