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Sweet tool for keyword and niche research, and competitive reverse engineering

– Posted in: SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

I’ve used a ton of different tools in my internet marketing career, but none are as useful as SEM Rush. Me and my team use it weekly, sometimes daily. The main advantage it has over other tools is the sheer amount of data you can mine from it. Here’s a list of the ones we like best:

-Ranking report for any domain. Shows how many keywords the site ranks for, what the words are, and the landing page.
-Keyword search count. And unlike Google, it’s conservative, rather than wildly optimistic, as Googles keyword tool is. If SEM rush says there’s over 1,000 to 5,000 searches per month or more, we take it seriously. (depending on the niche)
-CPC estimate for each keyword
-Websites competing for the same keyword

And much more. See it in action here. Also, Check out the video our intern created on it:


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