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Radio Show Notes Episode 42

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The Top 100 Social Marketing Tools list was compiled by listeners of IMSoup this week. It’s a really sweet list, broken down into these categories:

4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated)
Social Listening
Content Creation/ Curation
URL Tracking/ Shorteners
Social Management
Social Analytics
Google Plus
Social Bookmarking

It’s a pretty decent list, if you’re doing social media, there’s a lot of great tools and ideas here to help with your social marketing.

See the whole list here:

Good news for criminals! (and people who really like privacy) Russia adopts “Right to be forgotten” laws, following closely on the EU laws… followed closely by the US?

Europe, and now Russia, have decided that citizens have the right to have information about themselves moved from the search engines. This good news of people with a past they would rather have forgotten, or anybody who highly values privacy. It does not mean that the links are actually removed from websites… just that those links will no longer be found in search engines.

This will be a boon for anybody who is trying to manage their reputation, or has been slandered online. I would think people like Miley Cyrus will be pushing hard for similar laws in the US.

Learn more at

Amazon marketing continues to impress. My own sales topped $2,000 last week, at a 55% gross margin. Not too shabby, considering how easy it all is. I still maintain this is the easiest way to make moola on the web… Amazon is the worlds largest marketplace, and it’s estimated there are over 80,000 products that can create a six figure income for marketers! Read my Amazon Marketing Cheat Sheet here.


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