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Radio Show Notes Episode 40

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Main Topic: Understanding Search Engine Marketing results

The Midwiveses story

-Local vs Global. If you search “midwife” in your area, local midwives will appear. A midwife in San Antonio isn’t going to rank in SLC. Local rankings display in the “7 pack” along with their contact info.

-Wikipedia ranks nation wide in the national results, as it’s see as the authoritative source on defining the word “midwife.”

-The incognito trick (New private window on Firefox and Safari, unsure on netscape) 

Factors Google uses to determine best results for you

Life Hack:

Question, if I asked you to log into something you haven’t logged into in a year (like, your website maybe), could you do it? Most people struggle to keep track of passwords. One great tool I have used for years is lastpass. All my passwords in one place, on my computer, phone, or I can access them online. There are probably many other good tools too, but whichever one you use, use one! Don’t waste valuable time looking for passwords!

Tech news:

Most powerful business woman?

Sheryl Sandberg COO Facebook?

Indra Nooyi Pepsico?

Irene Rosenfeld Kraft?

Meg Whitman Ebay, now HP?

Nope! Taylor Swift! See how she schooled the most powerful company in the world, using her social influence.

Tool of the week:

-Learn more about somebody’s website than they know in 3 minutes.

-estimated traffic

-all the keywords they rank for, and how high they rank

-inbound links

Fiverr gigs ideas

Your company spelled in coffee foam

How to get a $5,000 logo for less than $50.

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