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Radio Show Notes 6-3-2015

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Google Stuff:

-For the first time ever, more people search on mobile than on computers.
According to Search Engine Land: “The company says that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” The company declined to elaborate further on what the other countries were, how recently this change happened or what the relative volumes of PC and mobile search queries are now.”

-Update punishes sites that aren’t mobile friendly


Yes, you read that right. Bing is actually worth mentioning on a blog post now. Why? Because surprisingly, amazingly, and against all odds, Bing share of search is up to 20%!!!

-Time to optimize for Bing!

-Pinterest adds a buy button!
According to
The new “buyable pins,” introduced Tuesday at an event at Pinterest’s San Francisco office, are a big step by the company to become more of a shopping hub. Millions of people already use the site to check out products that others recommend.
According to new research from Millward Brown, 93% of active Pinners said they use Pinterest to plan purchases and 87% said they’ve bought something because of Pinterest.
CEO and co-founder Ben Silberman said that consumers have now added 50 billion pins since the company’s launch and that the number added is growing 75% annually. “People want to buy things on Pinterest,” Silberman said.

Shoppers pay no additional fees to buy items on Pinterest. Additionally, merchants pay no commission to sell. It’s unclear how Pinterest will make money from buyable pins. But it could be trying to gain traction with retailers before starting to charge them fees.
Pinterest says U.S. iPhone and iPad users will start seeing the buy button in late June on millions of items from retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Michael’s craft store, Nordstrom, and Macy’s. Designers selling directly on Pinterest include Kate Spade, and Cole Hahn.
The ability to shop directly from Pinterest is particularly powerful, Silberman said, because of the rise of mobile devices. Around 80% of users access Pinterest through a mobile device, which, because of their small screen size, make it inconvenient to click through to another site to complete a transaction.

How to information continues to climb at 70% per year.
-How to unclog a toilet
-How to install/ fix something

Beauty is trending strongly
-Late teens to late 30’s

“Haul” videos
-sneakers, growth 72% over last year

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