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*** Note that this page will be completed after the radio show airs on 7/10/13, but here are some of the examples and notes we will be discussing. Come back later for complete transcript of the show and how you can make all your websites more “Pinteresting” and more likely to engage and sell!***

Example of a site we recently completed along these principles:

Note that while the site is attempting to sell a product (HCG Drops) the site isn’t ABOUT HCG drops, it’s about what HCG drops DOES- Fast weight loss! So while a prospect may jump from the page quickly if it’s an “in your face” sales page, they are more likely to hang around and learn about “fast weight loss” as that’s something a lot of people are interested in. After reading the page, their likelihood of buying goes way up.


-include an infographic when possible (fiverr is a great resource for this)

-Always think about benefits, what’s the benefit they will get from your product? Focus on the benefit, the product sale will follow

-Rule: Always have at least one graphic per “scroll” of the page. If ever a prospect is reading your page, and has scrolled to a point where all that’s visible is text, your page sucks.

-Use bullet point liberally! Break down as many of your points into bullets as possible. Very graphically pleasing, and more likely to keep people’s eyeballs on your page!

And yes, this page is a TERRIBLE example, but we just whipped it out in advance of the show! Come back later to see the finished product!

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