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Pinterest Marketing Strategy and Implementation Instructions

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I just barely gave instructions to my team on how I want them to implement Pinterest marketing, and infographics generally, into our business. These same instructions would probably be helpful to anybody, whether they have a marketing team or not. Of course, if you don’t, just use the Social Marketing Blackbox and all of this can be easily done by them. Worst case, do it yourself for a short period of time until you have the funds to outsource it, this is NOT something you should be doing, but is definitely something you should be managing.

Here’s exactly what I told them. I have changed the names to protect the innocent.

Subject: New social marketing strategy.

We are going to be doing more “infographics” to not only take advantage of Pinterest, but also to improve our blogging and Facebook updates.

Here is how it will work. M. will take the lead on this. She will monitor Pinterest daily (which she already does actually) and find excellent health and motivational infographics.

By the way, an infographic is simply a great image with words on it. Here is example 1:Pinterest marketing infographic example

This one is an example of how we can take the recipes D. is posting regularly to the blog and our Facebook page, and we can take an image of the recipe, and put some great text on it like what you see here.

2.In example 2, this one is more info based and includes a complete recipe. Note though that there is a missing element on both- no URL on the graphic. In our case, P. knows to always add the URL in the bottom right to ensure that no matter where this graphic ends up, people can see our link and we have that potential traffic.

You can see how if we find images of recipes etc., it is easy for P.
to put some text on them, thus creating an infographic as you see here:Pinterest Marketing example pic 2- recipe

Lastly, below is a health motivation one. These are perfect for our Facebook page. These can be easily
created by first of all finding a great health quote, then finding an image to go with it. Or, they can be as simple as the bottom example, which is a quote only in a nice font and color background. P. make sure and never deviate from the colors on our style guide when creating any of these, everything should look and feel like our primary health website.

Again, P. can easily and quickly create these if he has the image and the text.

So that is the idea.

M. will take the lead here, providing text and images to P., or, P. is also very good at finding images, and has access to the Social Marketing Blackbox library which has over 3,000 high quality images. So you two can discuss best strategy.

For now, create and send the first few to me first for me to approve or make suggestions. Once you have it down I will let you know and you won’t need my approval anymore. Goal is one infographic per day. Once approved, they will be uploaded to:

1. Our Facebook page.Pinterest marketing example 3, quotable

2. Sent to D. to either create a new blog post, or review past blog posts that have no graphics,
and go back and paste them in existing posts.

3. D., once you have used the image in a blog post, you will then notify M. and she
will Pin it in our Pinterest account.

I am sharing this with all of you so you are aware of the strategy, and because we all come across
great infographics every day in our own Facebooking etc., in which case please forward all
great ideas that are either health related or motivational, to M..

Let me know if you have any questions!



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