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Pinterest Marketing: 5 Things You Can Do Now

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Pinterest Marketing: 5 Things You Can Do Now

I have thrown in the towel on Pinterest marketing. A year ago I thought is was a cool social graphics site that would never have any place in the business world. Today, I have realized I have to either embrace it or let my competitors run over me on it.

So, here’s what I’m doing, and that you can do, to take advantage of the Pinterest, worlds most recent social marketing phenomenon:

1. Add a social sharing option on each page and blog post that allows people to easily share your image on Pinterest. Examples can be found at the bottom of this page. If you don’t have anybody who can do this type of work for you, you ought to check out the Social Marketing Blackbox that does this and a host of other stuff for you, really cheap.

2. Make sure you are adding images, ANY images, to all of your pages and blog posts. Of course, if you are more graphically talented than me, you will do better images than you see in this post. But, at least turning bullets into graphics gives a chance of getting pinned, where putting the bullets only has no hope. Obviously, the better quality your graphic is, the better chance you have of getting it pinned. But until you get really good at graphics, start with what you can easily do while maintaining your social blogging and content strategy.

3. Open a pinterest account and either use it yourself or have your VA using it daily. Pin your own stuff 😉 as well as other cool graphics you see online.

4. Commit to a graphical creation and improvement plan. At least, if you don’t have great graphic skills on board, and are doing “home made” stuff like I am, understand that a commitment to improvement can pay big dividends in this area, because if your graphics go viral on Pinterest, you can get a hoard of hungry buyers coming to your site!

5. Commit time to researching Pinterest strategy and tools. Follow the WSO’s in the Warrior Forum, for example, and buy an ebook and some tools to help you, there are some really sweet ones coming online now, and a commitment to learning and implementing Pinterest marketing strategies has the potential to add a completely new, free traffic method!


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