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Pinterest is Up, Stumbleupon Stumbles, Savvy Marketers Still Don't Care

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OK, so MarketingLand reports that Pinterest is killing it, at the expense of Stumbleupon, which is down 27% since last year.

But while I find both of these sites interesting, and have paid close attention to both recently, I have a bad taste in my mouth at the moment as just this morning I reviewed my stats and a significant push to get Pinterest traffic has succeeded… we are getting traffic… and proven ineffective: The visitors don’t buy anything. Check this out:

So far, Pinterest traffic sucks.

So far, Pinterest traffic sucks.

If you aren’t used to viewing Google analytics e-commerce reporting, let me break this down for you. This is traffic from the first of the month until now, 3 weeks. In those three weeks, as you can see the only source is (bottom row). Total visitors, 1,519. Sounds good so far, right?

Wrong. Check out all the goose-eggs. No revenue! Nothing! And this is a site that converts at 4.5% from all channels cumulatively. And, it’s a weight loss product that appeals to an 85% female demographic, perfect for Pinterest, right?

So, I’m not bailing on my Pinterest strategy, as it’s still pretty new, and the infographics strategy is effective in our Facebook marketing and on Tumblr, so it’s not like I spent a lot of money on this, and it has other side benefits like social signals and quality link building. But still, I haven’t seen ANY source of traffic send over 1,000 visitors and not get a single sale in a looooooong time.

Recommendation? Test for yourself, of course, as your product may sell better. But, make sure your Pinterest marketing strategy is part of a more extensive “social signals” and Content Arbitrage strategy, so you aren’t wasting time and resources on a losing platform.


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