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Top 5 Pay Per Click Marketing Mistakes

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Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is a rush when it’s humming and making you cash, but it can also be a real bummer when it’s costing you a bunch of money and not generating leads or making you money. Here’s the top 5 mistakes people make, specifically in the biggest PPC platform, Google Adwords:

1. Choosing the wrong location. When setting up your campaign, only choose your own country if you’re selling a physical product, or the US if selling an electronic product. Trust me, selling to the whole world may sound great at first, but don’t add other countries until after you prove concept in the USA (or your own country)

2. Wrong “Networks and Devices” setting. The Google default setting is “All available sites.” It even says “Recommended for new advertisers” beside it! Wow! Until you understand this game, it’s hard to explain how damaging this advice is.

What you need to do is choose the “Let me choose…” option and select “Google Search.” Only after your campaign is profitable should you attempt the display network, and even then, only as a separate campaign.

3. Too Much Cost Per Click. Pay as little as possible at first. If Google recommends $2.50 per click, try $1.25. Start low and only raise it once you find profitable keyword and ad combinations.

4. Unfocused Adgroups. Each Adgroup should be tightly focused around specific keywords. Set up two ads for each adgroup and play a constant game of “beat the control.” Eliminate the losing Ad after about 30-100 clicks, then replace it with a new one.

5. Lack of attention. A great Pay Per Click campaign needs daily attention, not weekly or monthly! Check it every morning, and make corrections as needed.

Properly managed, a good PPC campaign is awesome. It can make money every single day, and once profitable can be cranked up to very high levels. But if mismanaged, it can be a waste of time and resources.

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