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Paint By Numbers Guide to Creating Your Best Content (With Mindmap)

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In my on-going attempts to train my customers, contractors, and yes, myself, to regularly create the highest, best levels of content on a weekly basis, I have developed the following mind-map that I use before creating anything.

It not only helps me really dial in the content for maximum effectiveness, it helps them (a lot!) to understand exactly what I’m trying to accomplish, what the purpose it, and most importantly, some of the really important details necessary for posting the content properly, such as:


Which are absolutely critical and must be done right.

There are other important reasons I use this mind map, such as:

-If I don’t, I forget important items, and don’t maximize the value of the content
-There are a lot of steps to creating great content, and the mind map forces me to review every one of them
-There is an order and sequence to it, it helps me start with the high level idea, but then break it down into the necessary steps so that the content presentation makes sense

So, here’s the mind map. Feel free to rob, duplicate, steal… use it however you want to to make money in your biz. And please leave feedback below! I would love to hear your feedback, or any questions, ideas, etc. that you have.


How to create killer online marketing content

How to create killer online marketing content


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