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PageRank, Pulled Back from Its Almost Non-Existence

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Google PageRank UpdateIf you’ve been paying attention to Google and the latest hearsay from them, you may have heard that Matt Cutts mentioned that there would not likely be another update to PageRank this year. Of course, when you hear something like that from Google, you should probably not just think that it’s going to simply go away; Google doesn’t work like that. What we SHOULD have anticipated is that instead it would be revamped, restructured, or completely replaced (I’m thinking Hummingbird update here, when they swapped out the entire engine of the car for a new one in their algorithm).

And so has happened today. So what does it mean for you? Well, most of the experts with lots of clients have said that they’ve mostly noticed that a lot of link farms and junk has simply been eliminated and/or delisted. Which is great news! For me anyhow…hopefully you’ve been playing on the right side of the fence and this is good news for you as well…? Go find out how your PageRank has faired with the latest update here:

Though there has been an update, everything that we need to know about PageRank came from a video that Matt Cutts put out over 2 years ago, check it out to learn a little bit about how it works.

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