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"Don't acquire me detestable…" and other marketing rubbish

– Posted in: Online Network Marketing

Today I was scanning my google alerts for the term “online network marketing” looking at what’s going on out there in the webosphere. I do this for several keywords, and for my other websites, I usually pick up good content and golden nuggets within the first one or two alerts. But not for this term.

Among the gibberish and poorly written “articles” (all giving good advice like, “provide of highest quality content to your peoples,” I found this interesting little blurb more than once: “don’t acquire me detestable…”

Sooooo, after searching to see if there was any good, current content out there, I gave up and instead am sharing my experience for those of you who are also interested in “online network marketing.” There’s good news and bad news:

1. Bad news first: there’s a LOT of junk out there on this subject!

2. Good news: it’s easy to compete! You don’t have to be a guru to succeed in this market. Just follow the advice of so many of the crappy blog posts out there: “provide of highest quality content to your peoples…”.

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