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Online Marketing | Top 10 SEO Myths

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Search Marketing Standard recently wrote an article about the top ten myths about SEO.  We have listed them here along with some of our own comments and responses:

Myth #1: “If We Build It, They Will Come”

No they won’t. Build a store in the middle of a dark field, with no roads or lights and people won’t find you. It’s the same online. You still need to promote your website to qualified and relevant potential visitors, whether through search engines, social media, blogs or otherwise.

This is where our SEO packages come into play.  Our affordable SEO packages help your website get ranked for keywords relevant to your niche.

Myth #2: “Guaranteed Page 1 of Google or Your Money Back”

No SEO company can guarantee future results. No one can guarantee top organic positions for terms that your prospects are searching for, because nobody outside Google (and other search engines) knows the algorithms. Top of page 1 for irrelevant terms is easy and useless to you.

We don’t have a “page 1 or money back guarantee” because, like they said no one can guarantee that. However we have obtained over 1,000 front page rankings for our clients and we are constantly working to improve our SEO strategies.  We understand that best serving you requires constant and consistent evaluating, analyzing, and adjusting our strategy to fit your site individually.  

Myth #3: Search Engine Marketing Guarantees Permanent Positions

Wrong! Search engines constantly modify and improve their algorithms, sometimes daily. The same sites will not always appear in the same positions – fact.

This is where our comprehensive SEO strategies really hit in on the head.  We help your site get ranked by using link building campaigns, press releases, on page optimization, content management and professional website consultations.  By utilizing all SEO best practices, we insure your website to survive google updates and algorithm changes, without breaking a sweat.

Myth #4: The Goal of Search Engine Optimisation Is to Achieve Top Positions

The goal of SEO is to produce relevant, qualified traffic to your website, leading to greatly increased sales opportunities. If that means top positions, that’s a bonus and gives you bragging rights.

This is where our “consistent adjustment” methods come into play we try and get you ranked for the best, most relevant keywords to your site, not just the ones with the highest search numbers.  Our priority is high quality not high quantity.  High quality is what converts and makes you money.

Myth #5: Search Engine Traffic Is Not as Good as Leads from Traditional Marketing Methods

Traffic from search engines is often of far higher quality than leads from traditional “push” marketing – advertising, PR, mailings, radio advertising, television, newspapers and magazines – because people who use search engines are actively looking for information about what you sell.

Myth #6 Search Engine Marketing Should Be Done In-House by the Webmaster

The IT department is a poor place for placing responsibility for search engine marketing. Search engine marketing requires expertise in website copywriting (an art in itself), website layout and usability, visitor psychology, site analysis and so on. This isn’t well suited to the IT department.

Again this is where we come in.  A lot of SEO work you can do yourself, however to do it properly involves 20-30 hours per week and a vast amount of knowledge about online marketing.   With our affordable SEO packages you have access to a professional team with years of experience.  Let us work your website while you are vacationing in the Bahamas, enjoying all the money coming in from your online marketing campaign.

Myth #7: You Need to Submit Your Site to Thousands of Search Engines

Don’t do it. The vast majority of your site’s qualified traffic comes from the top 2 or 3 search engines, plus industry-specific websites that value your site’s quality and relevance enough to provide a link to your site for their visitors. Using automatic submission products, programs or suppliers is more likely to get your website blacklisted by the major search engines. Don’t do it.

This is true, we only focus on Google.  The fact is the amount of traffic on Google is much larger than most of the other search engines combined.  Your site will get ranked naturally on other search engines as we focus almost solely on Google.

Myth #8: You Don’t Have to Change Your Site to Achieve Top Positions

If you hear this, or similar tales, you may be dealing with a cloaking company. Cloaking is where a company designs one page for search engine spiders and one for customers to visit. Run a mile. All the major search engines consider cloaking to be spam and your site will be penalized or blacklisted for spamming.

This is why we give professional consultations with all our SEO packages.  We realize that good SEO isn’t just sending links back to your site but, really making sure your site is top quality, converts well, and is optimized to get ranked.

Myth #9: Client Lists and Testimonials on a Website Prove Our SEO Credentials

An impressive client listing does not mean that the firm practices ethical search engine marketing. If a search engine marketing company is building “micro-sites” or buying domain names for search engine positioning (now punishable by Google Post-Penguin update), you’re probably not dealing with someone who’ll help you pursue a long-term, credible web marketing strategy without fear of penalty or punishment.

Guess what! We  NEVER do any of these black hat practices.  All of our marketing strategies are clean cut and white hat.  We realize that trying to fake it or cheating the system will not pay off and will not last.

Myth #10: “Links are No Longer Important”

Not true at all. Linking your site with other related sites, preferably with these being as relevant as possible, and within the same business space, will affect your website’s reputation with the search engines. An effective search engine marketing campaign needs a link development program.

Our link building campaign is consistent and dependable.  We have tried and tested it time and time again to create a linking system that works beautifully.

Learn more about our affordable SEO Packages here.

You can read the full article from Search Marketing Standard, as well has find other great online marketing tips here..

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