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On Meetings, And Why They Are Evil.

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GRRRRRRR!!! I just got off a phone meeting this morning, that prompted me to write this post. It was phone meeting number 3 with this particular individual, in which we are finalizing details of me speaking (for free!) to a group of entrepreneurs. The objective of this meeting was to follow up on the tasks the organizer had, like provide me the Eventbrite info so I could invite people on my own list, and discuss details such as  snacks and audio visual needs etc.

BUT… said organizer not only hadn’t set up the event, or done anything he was supposed to, and with 2 weeks to go I called off the event, having spent a couple hours preparing my slides, arranging a videographer (which I now have to cancel) and having 3 meaningless phone meetings to get the whole thing set up.

Meetings are bad enough. But when meetings lead to more meetings, and people don’t do what they were supposed to do in the first place, everybody loses.

So, here are “Dave’s rules for meetings,” hopefully you find some value in these and avoid time-wasting, life-sucking meetings as much as possible.

1. Never hold a meeting when an e-mail or phone call will do.

2. Never set up or agree to a “daily” or “weekly” meeting. These usually devolve into time wasters. Only meet when a meeting is absolutely necessary. Meetings for the sake of meetings are evil.

3. Don’t invite more people than absolutely have to be there. If they are not needed, let them stay on their own mission critical tasks.

4. Keep them short. Some of the most effective meetings start with the leader looking at their watch and saying, “I have a hard stop in 30 minutes, let’s get right to the agenda.”

5. Lunch meetings are excellent in that everybody has to eat. By meeting over lunch, you are creating time, in that everybody was going to take a lunch break anyway. Plus, people love to be treated to lunch.

There’s a great post here on how to hold an effective meeting (if you absolutely have to!):

To your business success!


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Rick Cottrell October 4, 2012, 2:34 pm

Dave is a the down to earth source of unlimited info and help to anyone struggling !

Cheers Rick

Dave Sherwin October 4, 2012, 3:00 pm

Thanks Rick! I do what I can 😉