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On Hummingbirds and SEO

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Hummingbird: Google’s most recent “Animal Update”

So, what is Hummingbird, and how is it affecting SEO? Well… Like all the other updates (Panda, Penguin Caffeine…) Hummingbird represents a major new change in Google’s algorithm, while simultaneously being a non-event for savvy marketers. Why? Because fundamentally, NOTHING HAS CHANGED… Google is simply updating it’s algorithm to accomplish the exact same thing it set out to do in 1998…Google Hummingbird update

Provide the best search result to it’s customer… the searcher.

If you can understand that simple concept, it takes SOOO much pressure off of your SEO efforts and makes life so much easier. How do you do that? Simple, you make YOUR goal the same as GOOGLE’S goal. Provide the best website, for a given keyword, to the searcher!

So, of course, the SEO professionals job becomes to determine exactly what “best” means, and how Google will determine which site is “best.” Google uses over 200 factors to determine this, some of them on site (optimization) and some of them (most of them, to be more accurate) off-site factors (incoming links).

So, nothing has really changed. If your site was really hurt by the latest update, then there are two reactions you can have:

1. The Rookie Reaction. Blame Google. Get mad at them, jump up and down and curse them and rant and rave.

2. The Pro Reaction. Determine what it is exactly about your site that caused an improvement in Google’s algorithm to determine that other sites were more worthy of ranking than yours. Study those sites. What’s different about them? How does their on site optimization differ from yours? What quantity and quality of links do they have? Social Signals? And so on. Then make adjustments.

Best article I found on Hummingbird here:

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Dharam Chaudhari November 7, 2013, 7:31 pm

Google have been talking and explaining about why you should focus on your customer and their experience when you developed your website. Now this updates open really big eyes, who’s been focusing other way.