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So Your Sites Ranked on Google, Now What?

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This post is primarily for our premium members and SEO customers to help them pick up a few tips on how to get their site performing. Getting ranked on Google is great, but often people don’t understand the process it takes to then get it monetizing.

Here’s the steps. They may seem counter-intuitive, but trust me, this is the way to do it:

1. Choose a niche you think you can win in. If you have an existing company or service then great, this is already covered. You can see the case study site I mention in the video here:

2. Get ranked. Yes, that’s right, go for rankings, even if your site isn’t ready for prime time! Get working on the SEO¬†as soon as possible, and focus on traffic. The problem with getting your site dialed in and perfected is that too often what you thought people would want is wrong. Chances are, there’s going to be course correction after you get people to the site and get feedback from prospects and customers.

3. Monetize the site. Once you have traffic, focus on monetization. Sales may be low at first, but that’s usually the way it starts out, with low sales. That’s OK, because your SEO is now humming, you should be rising up the charts for multiple keywords, so the traffic and potential sales are growing as you dial in the monetization process.

4. Raise conversion. Once you have a few orders coming in, you can establish a sales conversion rate (actual sales as a percentage of visitors.) It’s important that you have e-commerce enabled in your analytics account so you can track this properly.

5. Once your conversion is improving, then start focusing on raising the average sale amount. You can do this by:

-Adding upsells to the shopping cart
-Adding “people who purchased this also purchased that…” like on Amazon
-Add multi-product discounts
-Add in a recurring purchase model if the product lends itself to that.

Here’s a video and case study:

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