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Make a list of 200 people…

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Yuck! Have you ever joined a network marketing business and been told this? Of course, to most people nowadays this is old school. It’s the quickest way of taking the “marketing” out of “network marketing.”

BUT… making a list is incredibly important. Any good business has a list. Good business have huge lists, and are marketing to their list actively and aggressively.

The key is to make a list of the RIGHT PEOPLE. Chances are, of your 200 friends and family very few are actually talented entrepreneurs. But what if you could make a list of targeted, interested people? That’s where the money is. And that’s why the internet is fundamentally changing how network marketing is done.

Today, it’s about making a list, marketing to your list, and providing value to them, until they know, like and trust you enough to do business with you. So in a way, it’s still about warm market. But the idea is to create a HUGE warm market of talented marketers that you easily find online.

Then market to those people consistently, professionally, and you’ll always have new distributors dropping into your business month after month!

Check out how I built a list of 15,800 people that I market to on a regular basis using the Lighthouse Marketing System..

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