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Manly Pinterest Tips

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pinterest for men

On a great Google+ Hangout on Air, a cast of some of biggest Google+ and Pinterest influencers came together to discuss how men in business and men in general could (and probably should) be using Pinterest to further not only their professional lives, but also their personal.

The Google+ HOA is 37 minutes long, but I’ve distilled it down to some highlights here if you don’t want to watch the whole thing. But if you DO want to watch the whole thing, here it is:

First, each participant goes through and gives a brief explanation of the ways that they use Pinterest. Be sure to click on their names and follow them on Google+ and Pinterest, they are always sharing great tips and tricks to better your business and life!

How To Use Pinterest – Tips and Tricks of the Platform

  • Every Google+ post is essentially it’s own webpage, so you can pin those to Pinterest to get more views
  • Click on the time stamp, then pin that URL, it will pull people from the Pin to G+ to get you more followers.
    • Once you pin something to Pinterest, you can change the URL, to redirect a repin back to your G+
    • Make a quote into a graphic, pin it, link back to G+, these get lots of repins and give a good sense of what the post is about

+Les Dossey

  • Surf around inside of Pinterest to get ideas for posts, books, and stories then drive that traffic back to your site/post by creating your own pins on those same topics but from your perspective or a combination of those things that you’ve made.

+Mike Alton

  • Pinterest can mostly be for inspiration
  • Infographics are everywhere there
  • You always include images in your blog post, but that’s not enough anymore though, you have to add text/personalization to them to really grab someone’s attention
  • Even if graphic design isn’t your forte, you can do this with very basic programs
  • If you have an image that doesn’t take off on Pinterest, just make another and pin it again to refresh that blog post and drive traffic there again.

+Wade Harman

  • The women on Pinterest bring things to the table that guys on G+ have never thought about before; make friends out of those who are your top influencers by engaging with them,
  • Then they start seeing you and your pins, you gain mutual trust and respect through consistency and engagement

Open Discussion-

  • The “Pin it for later” button
    • Not good because it drops some of the juice going through
    • It helps SEO, but if you’re not huge into SEO and more into relationships, do it
      • Different things work for different people, test, test, test
      • do things often that way you have enough data and can track things
  • People pin it, but did it do anything, did you get traffic from it? Did you have some good calls to action in the post that grabbed people?

Pinterest For Men

Toward the end of the HOA, each one of the guys then give one last tip for all guys on Pinterest.

  • +Jeff Sieh
    • “I like purses and dresses and stuff, that’s why I’m on Pinterest!” 🙂
    • 600×900 image size, use this size, it gets more engagement and views.
      • just like everything else, you have to test it, I’ve seen a lot more repins and people click on my images on G+ once I started using that image size
  • Les Dossey
    • Check out your wife’s boards and learn about her and learn how to build a closer relationship with her. The more I know about her the more I can deepen the relationship.
  • Mike Alton
    • get more personal, don’t just broadcast, but reorganize you boards and find things on Pinterest that interest you personally. Create a board for your wife, your daughter; get some personal value out of Pinterest
    • With Pinterest–more than other platforms–you have to show your personality or you’ll lose people
  • Stephan Hovnanian
    • have a secret board that you can use for different things
      • one for stalking people so you can repin and they don’t know it
        • get gift ideas for your wife and she won’t know about it
        • track your competition without giving them social juice
  • Wade Harman
    • use 600×900 and make it personal with some tools like to add some of your personal touch

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