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Learn How To “Claim Your Name” On Google

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My partner Mike Ray used to own his name on Google. But, alas, once he hit the millionaire club in his company he got lazy, and in January of 09 he entered his name, only to find (gasp!) he’s doesn’t own a SINGLE spot in the top 50 for the search term “mike ray”! Shock and horror!

Of course, I had to gloat because I’m currently sitting pretty on 40 of the top 50 spots for “dave sherwin,” out of 565,000 results. And yes, I get traffic from it, as well as the branding and peace of mind that if somebody wants to research me, my articles and sites come up and they see stuff about me, not a “fake” Dave Sherwin. (If that’s your name I apologize

So, Mike is not only embarking on a “take my name” back campaign, but he’s going to make his campaign public, and walk people through the process step by step, so if YOU want to own your name on Google, simply follow along with what Mike does.

It’s easy to follow along, just join the Lighthouse Marketing Group in Facebook, where Mike will be posting the good, the bad and the ugly as he goes through the process of reclaiming his name. And “Mike Ray” isn’t exactly an easy name to own! Good luck partner!

You must be logged into Facebook to join the group, so log in first, then click on this link: Lighthouse Marketing Group and you can watch in real time, follow along, and apply everything Mike does to your own name!.

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