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Join My Pyramid Scheme! Just 9 Meetings A Month!

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Wow. Somebody told me the other day their company’s “system” was the following:

-A local meeting every Wednesday night.
-A mandatory live training every Thursday night.
-A Saturday event once a month.

That’s a total of AT LEAST 9 meetings a month! That’s so 70’s! I can’t imagine taking two evenings a week away from my family to build my business. Not that sitting in a hotel meeting with a bunch of professional meeting attenders builds a business.

All I can say is hooray for the internet! Who needs meetings in a hotel when you can hold a meeting anytime, anywhere, and in any time zone! That’s the beauty of online network marketing. It’s a little scary for the old fashioned crew, but once you get it figured out you never go back..

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Steve September 27, 2010, 11:24 pm

I understand you should not be a professional meeting attender, but, you should care enough about your “rep” to build a business relationship. If this is not true, try a traditional business where you do not build a relationship with your customers. If you don’t care about them, they certainly will not care about you, your business or service, they will leave you for a better deal (no loyalty). You must build “emotional connectivity” with your reps or customers. It seems Dave could care less about people unless he can “get” money from them. A true business partner. He seems to only care about money in a people business. People are your capital, not the money you want to “take” from them. Build relationships, don’t burn bridges! Try selling without building a relationship, people can see right through you if you don’t, right Dave?

Dave Sherwin September 28, 2010, 8:56 am

Your comment is intriguing, as it seems to imply that if you build your business online, you can’t build a business relationship. In my post, I don’t in any way recommend a lack of relationship, and my post is all about keeping my most sacred relationships intact- with my family. In other words, you accuse me of being a money hungry jerk (my interpretation) when in actual fact the whole premise of the post is how happy I am that I can build my business online while keeping my most important relationships intact, while at the same time building new relationships all over the world through the miracle of the internet!
Also, I invite you to re-read your comment, especially this line, “It seems Dave could care less about people unless he can “get” money from them.” Then re-read the post. I think you will find, on further reflection, that there is not a single thing in there that justifies this statement, other than what you are personally reading into the post!
So you should ask yourself, what exactly about this post made me think this thought, that is completely baseless when I read the post? Interesting, isn’t it? But the fact is, you are not alone, many others believe that building online and building relationships are mutually exclusive. But, it’s absolutely a false philosophy. The reverse is true. I now have more relationships, with more people, in more countries, than I ever could have imagined without the miracle of the internet.