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John Wooden's Pyramid Of Success

– Posted in: Personal Development

John Wooden was probably the greatest coach of all time, in any sport. If he had lived, he would be 100 years old today, so I thought I would post his Pyramid of Success, and 12 Lessons In Leadership. The Pyramid is available here:  Pyramid Of Success Download

Here’s the 12 lessons in leadership:

1. Good values attract good people

2. Love is the most powerful four-letter word

3. Call yourself a teacher

4. Emotion is your enemy

5. It takes 10 hands to make a basket

6. Little things make big things happen

7. Make each day your masterpiece

8. The carrot is mightier than the stick

9. Make greatness attainable by all

10. See significant change

11. Don’t look at the scoreboard

12. Adversity is your asset

Great stuff, and happy birthday, coach!.

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