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Internet Marketing Success Tip that Nobody Talks About

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Everybody’s looking for that next cool “how to” trick that will create more internet marketing success, but if you look at the most successful people in this game, every one of them took a different path, and the how to trick that worked wonders for one guy, wasn’t even used by another. And the coolest trick of today will be gone in a year. So what are the real, underlying principles that can be relied on for success?

Internet Marketing Success Demands Personal Development.

Well, I don’t pretend to have all those answers, but one “trick” that works for me and my team, is personal development. And while there are are a variety of methods and types of personal development, the one that I want to key in on today is skill development. If you want to succeed online, you have to master a lot of different skills. Here’s a short list:

-social media marketing
-website development
-copy writing
-conversion testing and improvement
-keyword research
-product development
-financial management and reporting
-search engine optimization (on site and off-site)
-outsourcing (yes, this is a skill set in and of itself, most people fail miserably in effectively hiring and managing contractors)

And the list goes on. So, as part of my daily MO, I have developed the habit of daily skill development. It’s pretty simple, really. Every day I spend at least 20 minutes watching a great video, or reading an article, on a skill or tactic I’m learning. Today, for example, I read a couple articles in the only industry publication I subscribe to, Search Marketing Standard. Unfortunately, it’s only a quarterly, so there’s not enough material to last a whole quarter, but there are plenty of other places to get great information.

Here’s a few untapped resources you can use to increase your skills, and hence your earning power, without spending thousands of dollars on courses from “guru’s.”

-Watch the training videos provided in almost every piece of software or services you use in your business. For example, if you’ve been around this game for any length of time, chances are you’ve used Market Samurai. But how much time have you spent in their “dojo.?” They have one of the best keyword research training portals on the web, and it’s absolutely free. But… most people don’t bother to watch them all. This is true with many of the things you already own.

-Google. Yup. So obvious many people miss it. Want to learn how to increase conversion on a website? Google it. How to be a better blogger? Google it. How to be a better social media marketer? Google it. You get the idea. There’s so much great information online now, for free, it’s amazing. And yes, it takes a little digging to get to the good stuff, but its still amazing how much great content is available, for free, through a simple search.

-Choose mentors. Some of the best training I’ve had recently came from attending the webinars of the guys I bought stuff from. For example, Peter Garety of the Warrior Forum recently sold a great wordpress product that I bought, then did a live training that was AMAZING! I only paid about $50 for the wordpress product, but I bet the real value of the free training that went along with it was easily about $1,000, I kid you not. But when you get those invites to webinars, you have to register, put it on your calendar, and attend! (trust me, I have registered for many then missed them, which is a really dumb thing to do.) You have to be organized in this game.

-Find great bloggers in your niche. People out there put hours into their blogs, often giving away amazing content for free. With a little research, you can quickly find the best experts in your niche, and subscribe to their feeds, to keep up on the latest and greatest materials.

The main thing is to commit to the process. And do it FIRST. Otherwise, you’ll get caught up in the “thick of thin things,” and personal development time goes by the wayside. Just 20 minutes a day will make you an absolute expert in about 6 months, and put you head and shoulders above your competition, because they’re not doing it.

To your success!


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