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Infographic Generator Tips

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Infographic Generator Tips, Using Keynote (or Powerpoint) or InstantInfographicPresence.Simple Infographic

Infographics are no longer optional for savvy content marketers. Pinterest started it, the market responded, and now Infographics have become “must have” elements of your content marketing strategy.

As far as Infographic generators go, I only use 2, and both are super inexpensive and easy to use. Keynote, or Powerpoint if you use a PC, are perfectly fine for generating simple infographics such as:


-Simple “Image and saying” combos

-Questions, funnies, etc.

Both examples of infographics are used on this post. The first, on the right, is obviously one created with keynote, very quickly and easily. The second, further down the page, requires an infographic generator (I use InstantInfographicsPresence for this, it’s cheap, has tons of pre-made templates, and it’s easy for a non-graphic designer like me to pump out quick infographics without having to outsource it to one of my guys or fiverr)

A good Infographic has the power to:

1. Get shared like crazy. Much more likely to go viral than a written post

2. Get pinned on Pinterest

3. Get likes on Facebook

4. Get shared on Facebook. Our tests prove that Infographics get shared many TIMES more often than text, quotes, or video.

5. Make your pages and posts more appealing, improving your site and your brand

6. Make YOU look like you take your marketing more seriously than the average marketing schmuck.

So, here’s an Infographic on Infographics, which I created using our tool of choice, InstantInfographicsPresence.

5 Infographic Ideas

Isn’t that SOOOOO much better than reading about it? It’s eye candy compared to plain text! The key is to use the right tools. That would have taken me FOREVER if I had to create it from scratch. Instead, I used Instant Infographics Presence and created it in approximately 10 minutes. I chose one of their existing templates, and edited it to work for my message.

And as you see above, make sure and put your URL somewhere on the graphic! BIG rookie mistake to publish graphics or video without a URL on it! If it’s going to go viral, let it go viral with a link to your site! Now, I realize that most of the time the link to your site is built in, for example when somebody Pins your graphic on Pinterest, there will be a link back to where they pinned it from. But, some people are going to copy and paste your graphic, so best to be safe and put the URL right on it.

So, in review, here’s what you want to do:

1. Take the highlights of your content and turn them into Infographics.

2. Use your Infographic in your own content, but also paste it as a stand alone piece of content on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Plus, and Twitter.

3. Try to use an infographic, even a simple one like at the top of this post, in EVERY piece of content you create. Every blog post, article, and piece of premium content.

Make sure and leave comments, questions, and feedback below! We do respond to everything!

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