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In Case There Was Still a Question, Yes, Twitter is Legit

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Turns out Twitter marketing really is here to stay. The quirky site has constantly been questioned, and many marketers have wondered if it really is worth engaging in. But according to the folks over at Global Web Index, Twitter grew by 40% from Q2 to Q4, adding 288,000 users!

But, is it a direct ROI advertising platform? Not for me, at least, although I do use it and recommend it. Here’s how I use it, adapt to your own needs:

1. I have an account at, and use many of the Pro features to schedule tweets (repeat money making tweets every month for 6 months), to monitor keywords (their keyword digest is the bomb), and do other miscellaneous tasks that make tweeting easy and automated.

2. I tweet every blog post, new page on my website, and various interesting niche specific tid-bits, essentially using Twitter as a “one to many” blast service.

3. I use the keyword digest (see point 1) to monitor my keywords, and find potential affiliates and JV partners and reach out to them on Twitter, or follow their links and contact them through their contact page.

4. I have on of my VA’s posting a steady stream of info, news, and tips to a couple of generic accounts. I NEVER let anybody post anything to my primary Twitter account, anything that has my name on it, has to come from me. You can’t outsource your own style, personality, and ideas!

So, given the list above, Twitter doesn’t make much in terms of direct ROI, but the tiny amount of time we spend on it justifies an easy strategy that only requires an hour or two per week to implement.

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