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Google Plus For Business

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Google Plus For Business. Make sure and download the free guide below.Google Plus For Business

Or: Google Plus, not just for Google employees anymore ;-). While the graphic on the right may be funny, and somewhat true, it’s certainly not true anymore in regards to Google+.

Nope, Google Plus for business… it’s legit. Here’s some facts for you:

-40% of marketers use Google+
-70% of marketers want to learn more about Google+
-67% of marketers plan on increasing Google+ activities
-The Google +1 button is used 5 billion times per day
-625,000 join Google+ everyday
-Websites using the “+1” button increase page traffic by 350%
-Most Google+ users fall into the middle-class income bracket, between $30,000 and $149,000

Here’s a few resources for you if you are one of those 67% of marketers who (wisely) plan on ramping up your G+ presence in the near future.

1. Download our guide here. The free membership gets you the 57 page guide. If you pony up and pay for the whole premium back office, it’ll cost you $1 to try out, then you’ll get access to all the videos, cheat sheets, and multiple other amazing courses on Pinterest, SEO, Facebook… with more content added every month. But, go here to at least grab the guide Google Plus For Business (and several other pretty sweet goodies.)

2. Watch episode 27 of the Escape The Matrix radio show with special guest Ryan Best. Learn why G+ is SOOOO important to other marketing efforts, and may become CRITICAL for SEO (pay special attention to section on Semantic search)

3. Here are some movers and shakers to follow:

Me 😉

Also, look up this list of movers and shakers:

Ryan Best

Ronnie Bincer

Christina Blount Presnell

Mike Alton

Eric Enge

Mark Tilaphagen

Christine De Graffe

Mike Elgan

Gary Vaynerchuk

A few take aways about Google Plus:

1. Unlike Facebook, where it’s really lame to use your personal profile for marketing, on Google Plus it’s perfectly Kosher to build up your reputation around your personal profile. Although I have a G+ Page, I only use that for Youtube Live, marketing events, etc. But I have found that G+ is more “businessy” than Facebook in terms of personal branding.

2. Don’t be a “blue head.” as in all social media, fill out a complete profile. And don’t be a putz and put crap like “I’m a marketing Ninja and can show you how to make money online…” That is a sure fire way to turn people off. If you are a marketing Ninja, you don’t have to tell people. Be yourself. Be humble, but confident. Use a great looking image of you smiling and being friendly, not standing in front of somebody elses Ferrari.

3. When people follow you, follow them back. I don’t do this on Twitter. There, I have 15,000 plus followers, but only follow a few people. I never follow people just because they followed me. Frankly, to me Twitter is a “one to many” broadcast tool, I rarely check it and I’m not social there. But on Google plus I’m trying to make connections, and find guests for my radio show etc. So I throw my ego out the window and follow a lot of people, in hopes of connecting with some movers and shakers.

For in depth training, a list of great resources and tools, and complete set up tricks and hacks, make sure and get our guide at:

To your success!

Dave Sherwin

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