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Google Leaked Quality Guidelines- Notes and Action Items

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Great breakdown on the Google Leaked Quality Guidelines by Pete Williams David Jenyns… Below are the notes I took from their webinar.

These guidelines are what Google uses to train manual reviewers on how to rate websites… so they are a great glimpse into what Google is looking for.

To download the leaked report, click here: Google-Quality-Rater-Guidelines-2014

To grab David Jenyns 20 ranking factors report, click here. SEO Authority Checklist

And now, onto the notes. There’s some real gems here for SEO, but they are pretty raw, pretty much just the stream of consciousness notes I took as I listened, so forgive the bullet point nature of it…

Linked in: Number of people who list SEO as a profession has dropped, it’s now listed as a skill more frequently than as a profession. (it’s getting tougher).

Encourage people to Share and follow your content!

To get people to engage with your content:

  1. Tell them what to do! Leave a comment below… share your thoughts… ask a question…
  2. Do not use Facebook commenting! Comments are held in Javascript, not read by Google.
  3. Make sure social sharing options are highly visible and easy to use.
  4. Use Disqus or basic commenting options within WordPress.

Google leaked quality rating guidelines

It’s what they use to train their manual reviewers how to analyze a website.

Probably 5th leaked guideline in the recent past from Google. Are they “leaking” them on purpose to help webmaster clean up their act? 


Expertise, authoritative, trustworthy

Must tie your content to an author, hopefully an industry leader. Authorship was going to be the answer, but that was killed.

But they are doing a similar calculation, using “author rank.”

*** they are rating you, they are rating your website, and they are rating your business ***

MC (main content) They look at the Main content for those things in EAT (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.) So, analyze your own pages and make sure they comply!

Website factors:

-responsive (optimized for mobile)

-quick loading Under 6-7 seconds

-good user experience

To determine load time of your site:

Create/ review your keyword master list

-your names/ brands/ products

-predictive and related searches (do searches for main keywords, see what Google’s “related” are, and analyze those for additional keywords)

-analytics and site searches

Build a big master list

Install a site search on your sites

Grabs your titles, descriptions, and URL’s, and clean it up! is a great tool for this.

When cleaning up your metadata, check that you use the keyword just once per page, in the title, description, and just once in the body.

Off page optimization

Clean up your links even if not warned

Remove what you can, disavow what you can’t

Main content

Analyze off page with google webmaster account

-site links within webmaster tools

*** You must manage your link profile *** Google has put this responsibility back in the webmasters lap.

Content marketing

-content marketers don’t optimize enough

-SEO’s create content for sake of it

Answer: Create great quality content, optimize the heck out of it… Authority Content. Authority content is excellent content, that is also optimized for SEO.

Create HELPFUL content! For example, even difficult to SEO businesses like cosmetic surgery places can create content like “how to prepare for your surgery,” or “how to ensure the best recovery” etc.

*** If you don’t have a content plan, you no longer have a SEO plan ***

Video is the secret to great content!

Every company now needs a media arm to their business

By 2018 3/4 of web traffic will be video

ZMOT: zero moment of truth

-When you are googling a product, and you check reviews, forums etc.

Monitor and maintain your company and personal reputation

Create rich content, in a short period of time, distribute it everywhere. Video is great because you can say your whole message on camera, then break it down into a web page/ post, social postings, social book marks etc.

Food for thought: Are you one algo change from Google knocking down your house of cards?

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