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#GameChanger! #BoostYourGoogle+Posts!

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When you boost a post on Facebook, it goes to…


When you boost a post on Google+, it goes to…over 2 million sites on the Google Display Network!

Google+ post ads

If you didn’t think Google+ was a #gamechanger yet, then this should convince you that it surely is! For the first time ever, you can pay to boost a post from your Google+ page and it will be shown anywhere that a display ad would have regularly been shown. That means millions of common sites that people are just browsing! But imagine this, it’s not just an ad that says, “click here to see Escape the Matrix on Google+” oh no, users will be able to actually interact with the ad. This has the potential to drive a lot more conversion and visitors to your brand because people like to engage in a story more than they like to just read a call to action.

This hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet, but here’s a sample of Toyota using Google+ Post Ads:

Here’s a few of the things that a user will be able to do once the post had has appeared for them:

  • +1 a post.
  • Share a post.
  • Comment on a post.
  • Participate in a discussion.
  • Ask questions.
  • Follow a Brand Page.
  • Watch a Video.
  • Share a Video.
  • Watch a Live Hangout.

They can watch a video or LIVE hangout while they’re browsing someone else’s website. Guys, the implications of this are huge, you’re going to want to stay up-to-date on this. You’re also going to want to head over to my Google+ page and follow me so that I can keep you informed about all of this!

While we are waiting for it to be rolled out to everyone, we can be doing things to prepare for it. Head on over to Mike Alton’s post to read a few ways to get prepared: Display Your Google+ Post Ads Throughout Google.

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