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Dale Calvert- free and low cost lead generation

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Dale Calvert is one of the best, most entertaining trainers in Network Marketing. If you’re interested in free and low cost lead generation, he’s the man!

Dale Calvert considers himself the slowest guy ever to break $100,000 in the industry (10 years), but in year 11 he made over a MILLION dollars, and in year 12 over 3 MILLION! He’s a true journeyman of the industry.

If you’ve never heard Dale train before, you are in for a treat- although he’s a million dollar year earner, he’s a down to earth, great guy, and he’s a very entertaining trainer!

Dale was our Lighthouse Marketing System guest on Wednesday night and gave a KILLER lead generation training, including:

-How to use to generate leads, what?!

-A “black hat” banner strategy that makes a lot of sense, even if you’re a White Hat marketer
-SEVERAL free sites that ANYBODY can use to generate leads
-TONS of great tips and ideas…
… and of course all the “peripheral” great mojo that Dale always brings to the table!

CLICK HERE to listen in now, absolutely free! (Note: We didn’t hit the “record” button fast enough, so it comes in mid-sentence, but don’t worry, you don’t miss anything important!).

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