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Fly Like a Hummingbird!

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SEO Updates

Google… Google, Google, Google. We love Google. Here at Escape the Matrix, we use them for a variety of different things from posting tid bits of info to our following, broadcasting our radio show, searching for the latest and greatest, and of course some SEO on all our sites and our clients’ sites. Sometimes Google can be frustrating though. It has definitely been so with the latest social network they’ve launched, Google+ and how they’ve implemented that with their local search results to create Google+ Local. And of course, they always have their search engine algorithm updates. The latest of these, HUMMINGBIRD! (play scary music “dun, dun, dun”)

Hummingbirds Are Cool, Is The Update That Cool?

Hummingbirds are extremely fast, very precise animals. And this update to Google’s search engine results are quite similar. In fact, it’s a complete replacement of the previous algorithm that Google has been using. In fact, Google did this replacement about a month before they even let anyone know about it, and no one noticed it! Unless they saw their website drop in rankings of course…

The Update Has Already Killed Websites, Is Yours Next?website seo

First of all, let’s not just stop at “oh no, websites are losing rankings, I need more SEO, or I need more links, or I need more something!” Let’s go a step further in our thought process before we jump to any conclusions.

Q1: Who is Google’s customer? Answer: People searching for answers or the answer to their problem.

Q2: How does Google help their customers? Answer: By providing them with the best answers to their search, by giving them results they’re looking for.

Those two things are true for the Hummingbird work over, and they’ve been true for every other algorithm add-on that Google has thrown at us including Panda, Penguin, Caffeine, etc. Simply put, Google wants to deliver the most relevant and timely results for users.

So What Else Does Hummingbird Do?

Amit Singhal, who announced the hummingbird update, put it this way: “Hummingbird’s objective is not a newer optimization of the indexation process, but to better understand the users’ intent when searching, thereby offering the most relevant results to them.” Hey, what do ya know, they again just want to deliver the best results possible to the people searching for your website.

Don’t Beat the Hummingbird, Become a Hummingbird!

Google and youSo are you doing all that you can to answer your potential visitor’s questions? To jump and jive and stay up with the very speedy, very precise Hummingbird, let’s be just as fast and precise as they are! For me, it means going back to some marketing 101 basics. I’m going to look at my target audience, re-develop my user persona so that I know who I’m marketing to, and re-ask myself “So What, Who Cares, Why Do They Care?” In doing this I’ll be able to really understand what people are searching for, what their needs and pains are, and how I, my business, and my products can solve them. I’m going to think to myself “what would people be searching to find me?” “What ELSE would people search to find me?” The main important part of Hummingbird is that it factors in a lot of user intent and synonyms for the words. So it’s really up to us to dig deep into the minds of our user persona and figure this out.

I hope you do figure it out, get crackin, get flappin those wings and get re-targeting that super precise beak to grab the delicious nectar in the beautiful flower!

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