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Facebook: Top 4 Marketing Tips for 2013

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You’ve seen the vast kingdom that is Facebook and you want to take control of the whole of it! That’s a good idea, but let’s take a second look before you jump in with both feet and end up doing something silly that will later make you look like you have about as much Facebook finesse as a pianist in boxing gloves.

Facebook Page Marketing

So before that happens, let us show you the 4 Biggest Facebook Marketing Tips that help businesses kill it:

-Using a Business Page rather than your Personal Profile

-Page Promotions/Custom Tabs

-Lead Generation

-Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook is a social network, not a billboard, an online ValPak, or even a directory. If you think of the words “social network” in a literal sense, it could simply mean that you are connecting (networking) with people in a simply social way; conversations. Take this social network and put it online and it gives you the opportunity to have the conversations with more people at one time as well as introduce different forms of media into the picture besides just talking. Now you can share real time what you’re up to, where you are, who you’re with, how you feel about it, and you can post an image of it for all to see. So it’s still just a medium for connecting with others socially and conversing with them about your everyday life. Let’s keep that in mind, because there obviously is a place for businesses on Facebook, just in the right time and place.

Setting up a Facebook business page is free and quite simple when compared to the task of getting people to your page to like it, and turning those fans into leads and paying customers.

That’s where promotions come into play. Promotions are simple contests that enable brands on Facebook to grow their fan base, email list, and their brand awareness through simple giveaways, contest, sweepstakes, etc. GroSocial has some great tools for running promotions as well. In fact, they also have a lot of great training in their “Kickstarter” package.

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It includes:

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Social Media Kickstart Click

A brand on Facebook can run all sorts of promotions; some can simply be ran using Facebook posts and pictures and not cost a single thing by offering as a reward a certificate to your own store, products, or services. All promotions however, need to be well thought out. They need to have realizable an sizeable goals. Escape the Matrix gets more into some of these goals and the bite-sized steps that you can take to reach these goals in our premium membership course.

Facebook is a billion person portal, and its free to create a business page, but if you’re really wanting to grow your fan base and capture people’s emails and information to create leads, you’ll need to look at it just like any other marketing effort, one that requires a little bit of time, effort, and a budget. And that’s okay that it has a budget, because when you know how to run a Facebook campaign, your Facebook’s ROI can be your biggest of all other marketing mediums!

That budget can be split a plethora of ways. Brad, VP of GroSocial has some great ways of splitting that budget so that you can get huge amounts of traffic through promotions. Escape the Matrix on the other hand offers great advice on how to target your demographic audience on Facebook and get them coming over to your Facebook page, your website, your promotion, your product page, etc.

Social Media Training Course

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