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Facebook: Getting Likes Like Never Before

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Our strategies for getting likes on Facebook up to this point have been:

1. Put a “like” button on your site, hope people “like” (literally and digitally) your page.

2. Tell all your friends to “like” (most of them won’t) and  “share” (none of them will) your page

These strategies have proven somewhat effective.  We have a couple thousand likes on some of our pages and hundreds on others but, at the end of the day we are still lacking in Fb traction.

BUT we recently read an ebook called Simple Viral Profits. This book blew our minds and then some.  Whether you are looking for ways to get more likes on Fb or want to make an extra $1,000 in the next month, this book will completely change your facebook marketing strategy (or lack there of) forever.

We won’t give away all their secrets as they explain everything ten times better and we want them to make money for the work they’ve done, but I wanted to share this one simple tip that will help you astronomically.

Keep in mind this is for getting likes on a Page, not on a single picture or status update.  Also keep in mind, a “like” is a follower!  A follower will see everything you post until they take the time to unsubscribe from your page, which, if your content is AwEsOmE nobody will do.

So here’s what to do to start kicking butt on the king of social networks:

1.Login to FB

2. Click on the down arrow in the very top right corner of the page and select the page you wish to gain likes for.
(this is also referred to as “use Facebook as…”)

3. Once you are using Fb as the page, do a search for a terms or pages related to yours

For example, my friend Jon has a page for his photography business.  Jon could type in the search bar: Photography, Nature Pictures, Wedding Gowns, or even National Geographic.  

4. Go pages related to your page and start “liking” in this order:

i. The Page
Now you won’t always want to like the page. For example if I sell a weight loss supplement I don’t want to like other weight loss supplements competing with me.  However, if I was Jon I would like pages such as Canon Cameras, Nature Pictures, Photography.  I.e. pages that help tell visitors what your page is all about.

ii. Posts
Liking posts really doesn’t do that much for you, but it’s a pay-it-forward kind of thing and that always counts for something.


If the bold letters don’t emphasize this enough, this IS the most important part of the process.  Liking peoples comments is the easiest and most incredible way of getting traffic for several reasons:

1. You “liking a comment” shows up as a notification on their Fb account and in turn, their email

2. 9/10 that person WILL come to your page, which leads to “likes”

3. You are targeting people already interested in your page.  This fact alone is invaluable.

Essentially, you have just reached out to somebody already interested in your product or niche and given them a nice pat on the back; a favor which is repaid with followers, interaction, and money.

This video explains how to do this effectively:


Keep in Mind:
Please do NOT go onto a page and like every single comment and post!  This just makes you look like a robot and will get you banned from pages and give yourself a bad rap.  “Like” in moderation.  A good tactic is to “like” several comments on a post which say the similar things, or if it is a controversial post, pick a side and like every comment rooting for that side.

We have started to implement this knowledge and have seen results within days!  We highly recommend reading the rest of Simple Viral Profits.

Also, (this is our third Fb marketing tactic) you can find us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @escapethematrix.

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Miguel Ceballos July 31, 2012, 10:01 pm

Facebook is the giant in social network. We can and should learn how to properly use it. It is free advertising, and more effective at long term than payed publicity.