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Episode 20 Show Notes: How to get your first 1,000 fans and more

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OK, topic one on the radio show: The fastest way to get your first 1,000 fans. Oh, and why do we want fans again? Because people who like our pages are HIGHLY likely to buy from us! And, even if you don’t have much marketing talent or experience yet, trust me, it starts with getting the fans anyway. Monetization can come later.

So, maybe it’s helpful to point out how NOT to get fans:

-Don’t ask your real friends to like your page. It makes you look desperate, and it’s low class. Now, that being said, it never hurts to post links to your page that may interest people and ATTRACT them to your page, but “Hey friends, please like my page!” is SOOOO 2010.

-Don’t ask your e-mail list subscribers to like your page either. What’s in it for them? Instead, post something great, then tell them to go to your page to get it! See the difference?

Now, BEFORE you go aggressively getting likes, it goes without saying your page better be like-able, right? Cover created, valuable posts added, video, photos, etc… Don’t pay a dime on marketing a page that isn’t ready for prime time.

OK, so, if I have a new Facebook page, all dialed in and ready to market, here’s how I get my first 1,000 fans:

1. I buy a couple hundred on Yup. I know it sounds as cheesy as begging your friends, and in some ways it is, as you and I both know that all Facebook likes from Fiverr are junk. So why buy some? Because nobody wants to join a page that nobody else likes! It’s all about appearances. Haven’t you been to a page with 10, 20, or 30 likes? Did YOU want to join it? Nope. And neither does anybody else.

2. Post 2-4 times a day. Without constant posting, there’s no way you can get that viral growth we are all after. Experiment with text, video, and infographics to see which gets the most likes and shares, then run hard with whatever works best.

3. Start a Like Campaign. I have a whole course coming out in the next few days with a detailed guide and video on just how to do this, and it’s super cheap, check for details (not live as of this minute, but coming soon!

4. On your funny, or controversial, or otherwise “virally potential” postings, ask people to share. Don’t do it all the time, as pages start every post with “Share This!” are obnoxious. But… sometimes asking people to share stuff makes all the difference. Experiment with this. Liking and sharing is where the magical viral growth comes from.

5. Start including your page in all of your other marketing efforts. Notice how we post all our Radio Show links to our Facebook page? We could just as easily put them here on our website… get it?

OK, hopefully that gives you some really great help on getting your page to that critical 1,000 likes!

Now, on with the show! A few additional topics we will cover:

Pimping your Facebook page. Here’s a few tips:

1. If you are uploading video to Youtube (and you’re crazy if you aren’t!) then make sure and load those separately to Facebook. Don’t put the Youtube link on your page, just upload the whole video into your page.

2. Add tabs! They are easy, free, and can create a ton of cool options for your and your fans.

3. Shell out on great graphics. All you have to do to get inspiration is browse the big boys pages. BMW, Coke, McDonalds… Search for big companies, especially those in your niche, for inspiration and ideas on cool profile and cover graphics.

In segments 3 and 4 we will be covering how to add a shopping cart to your page, plus:

8:33-8:45  Adding a shopping cart within your Facebook pages, the top 10 books all online marketers need to read:

8:47-8:59 Around the web: how to get free minutes, data, and text for life.

To see the entire show, make sure and subscribe to our channel:

To your success!

Dave Sherwin

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