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Wow! “Direct Traffic” Conundrum Tested by Groupon

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If you have been marketing online for any length of time, you HATE the massive percentage of traffic that Google Analytics (GA) throws into the “Direct Traffic” category.

What is Direct Traffic? Well, who knows? It’s meaningless. It’s basically GA saying, “We have NO IDEA where this traffic came from.”

Nice. As the marketer spending time, money, and effort into online marketing every day, it’s frustrating to see about 40% of my traffic unaccounted for.

So, a huge thank you to the SEO folks at Groupon, who took one for the team and did a great SEO experiment on their site, that finally determines what we have always only guessed at, namely:

60% of Direct Traffic is actually from Organic Search.

This is great information. As mentioned, about 40% of my own GA numbers fall into direct search, so if a site gets 20,000 visitors in a month, that’s 8,000 visitors unaccounted for. I used to just assume that a lot of that was referrals, repeat visitors, some organic, and from browsers set to privacy modes that don’t allow tracking.

So… it’s very helpful to be able to now calculate that 8,000 times 60% is 4,800 of those visitors that are from organic search, or SEO, helping me make marketing decisions and plans more effectively.

See the great article from one of the Groupon guys here:

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