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Content Creation Tips: One Signature Post Per Week

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Content Creation Tips: Create “Signature Content.”

If you have been following the roller coaster ride we call “Google” lately, you’ve heard about Penguins, Pandas, Farmers, and Whiners. The Whiners are those people who hate Google, and got kicked off the ride. The problem they have is really simple: they never understood Google in the first place.

Google’s MO is really simple. They want the “best” sites on the front pages. If their searcher finds what they are looking for, the searcher is happy, which makes Google happy. The challenge is when black-hat marketers with crappy sites try over and over again to get their crappy site at the top of Google through gaming the system. It’s a short term, flimsy approach that never sticks. Why? Because Google keeps making these algorithm changes for one simple reason: to drop the crappy sites and reward the good ones!

Now, they certainly aren’t perfect, and some really good sites got dropped, especially during Penguin. But generally speaking, they are pretty good at weeding out crap. So, what’s the solution? Simply put, you have to build the best site for the keyword you are fighting for! That’s it! Pretty dang simple, right? Wrong. Obviously, building a quality site is hard work. And therein lies the problem for the fly-by-night blackhatter. But if you’re NOT a fly by night hack, what to do?

Well, adding content on a regular basis is a given. BUT, I recommend that at least once a week you add what I am calling “Signature Content” to your website, with the following criteria:

1. At least 1,000 words
2. A few “Pinnable” (pinterest worthy) graphics
3. At least one Youtube video

Why is it that I’m recommending this? It’s simple. That’s what all the sites I’m seeing ranked highly are doing. Pretty obvious, right? You are probably seeing the same thing. Info sites are generally taking over all the top positions on the web. Notice how often you see Wikipedia rank #1? Why? Because it’s a huge, well respected, peer reviewed information site that is highly likely to provide a good answer to a searcher.

After Wikipedia comes other highly respected sites, like in the health space, or usnews and world report etc. But what comes after that? After a few major sites, which sites rank highest? Often, it’s ecommerce sites that have great content. It used to be e-commerce sites with lots of links, but that is changing fast! Now, sites with a lot of content, that are updated often (usually daily) and that have some basic onsite SEO in place, will rank well.

So, if you are already blogging regularly, that’s great. But, you need to step it up, and at least once a week add a killer blog post, or a new web page (it doesn’t make a difference to Google, so do what’s best for your customer) and you should be well on your way to building a Panda-proof, Penguin-proof, and customer friendly site that sells your stuff!

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Reinaldo Salonia October 28, 2012, 9:38 pm

Many thanks to the enthusiasm to supply this sort of useful and practical important information the following. We have examined only couple of hottest posts, but I discover them to be a excellent source for my education expectations

Lauriann Wakefield October 31, 2012, 11:16 am

So I’m happy to be starting your Social Marketing Blackbox. And I’m putting together content, and choosing what links to have in my home page masthead. I’ve noticed those links vary from other competitor sights. Some have a FAQ link, popular uses, or Testimonials link, or research link, etc. From your experience is there a link “Must have” for the home page? Obviously a “Buy Now” link, but I’m wondering if you could put together a suggestion list?

Dave Sherwin October 31, 2012, 8:36 pm

This is a great question, and there really isn’t a “cookie cutter” answer, unfortunately. Typically, we choose pages based on our keyword research. For example, the home page of one of my weightloss sites,, is based on the primary keyword “hcg,” but the second most searched term is “hcg diet,” so we have a page, So, depending on your keywords, you want to have your home page based on your best keyword, then a page based on your second best, then I would always include an About us/ contact us that can either be separate or on the same page, you have to have a blog, and a FAQ is also an option. In short, you have choices. It depends a lot on your niche, your keyword research, and what you think will create the best user experience. Hope this helps!