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Your Computer Is NOT A Typewriter.

– Posted in: Personal Development

Bill Gates once estimated that people only used 5% of the software on their computer. I think that’s true. One day I was looking at my computer, and I thought to myself, “This thing is a cash register and I just haven’t learned to make it ching yet.”

I hope you’ve had the same thought. It’s not easy to learn, but once you get your computer to “Ching,” it’s a beautiful thing! What if everything you need to make money online is already on your computer or easily available online? The fact is, it probably is. Everything from your Twitter and Facebook accounts to those dusty money making e-books you bought then never looked at again.

I pulled one of those old e-books out two weeks ago, applied some of the things it taught, and made $250 from a few simple tricks, and will probably ramp that up to a great stream of income over the next few weeks. But it all starts with the mindset, you have to believe your computer is more than a type-writer or gaming device, and turn it into a cash register.

P.S. Here’s a visual demonstration of a lady who just doesn’t get the point:


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Great things man …