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Radio Show Notes 6-3-2015

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Google Stuff: -For the first time ever, more people search on mobile than on computers. According to Search Engine Land: "The company says that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” The company declined to elaborate further on what the other countries were, how recently [...]

Youtube Marketing Made Easy

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If you're not sold on Youtube marketing yet, or maybe you're sold on it but not DOING it, here's some stuff that may motivate: -Youtube is the 3rd top site in the world, after Google and Facebook -Over 1 BILLION unique users visit the site each month -Over 6 Billioin hours of video are watched [...]

How to Create a Youtube Vanity URL (or Youtube Custom URL)

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How to Create a Youtube Vanity URL. It's important if you don't want your channel URL to look like crap. Here's how you change something like this:!2lkthLTLKTejrk2346i9difj To this! Well, a picture's worth a thousand words, so here it is in under 2 minutes:

Youtube Video Marketing Tips For Sales and Conversion

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Youtube video marketing is HOT! -I'm getting 5.8% conversion from Youtube videos on one of my sites -Videos are easy and inexpensive to make -Embedded videos raise the SEO value of pages and blog posts... Here's an overview and some tips and tricks to help. And, notice, you don't have to be a professional to [...]

Youtube Marketing: Current Limits On Friend Requests, Subscriptions Etc.

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Youtube marketing can be tricky. To really get a lot of views, many people make hundreds, even thousands of friend requests within Youtube, subscribe to multiple channels, or use outsourcers or bots to work it for them. The problem is, it's easy to get your account suspended! Youtube does allow automation, and aggressive "friending," but [...]

9 Great Video Marketing Tips By NPR's Scott Simon

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If you want to make more money or create buzz with Video Marketing, there's some really great ideas here by NPR's Scott Simon: "How to Tell a Story." I listed the major points below the video if you want to "R&D" (rob and duplicate, copy and paste, steal, swipe… ;-) 9 Video Marketing Take-Aways From [...]

Very cool, free video production software

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A lot of people have asked me how I made this video: The answer is simple, I use a service called I used the free version for a while, but I did up-grade to the paid version. Make a few yourself and see how it works for you! It's much more interesting than powerpoint [...]

Your Video Account Has Been Disabled…

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Here we go again. Video marketing is so cool, the price is right, the results last a long time, the exposure is incredible, but... Here's a copy of the letter I got today: Subject line: Attention required on your Vimeo account Hi Dave Sherwin: We see that you are using Vimeo for uploading commercial content. [...]

Making it look easy…

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My friend David Lee in Singapore is a great example of online network marketing. Check out the video below- I love it! All he did is break away from a lunch with friends, shot a quick video in a restaurant (using the built in camera on his laptop, btw, no expensive camera necessary), and threw [...]

High Definition Sucks (For Video Marketing)

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So Video Marketing is the big thing, right? Well, I’ve been to the mountain, and returned with the scrolls, and it’s official. High def sucks. I have now produced videos on Youtube in 4 different formats: -Powerpoint style, showing my screen and recording a voice-over -Live video with a High-Definition Sony camcorder -Live video with [...]