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#34 Social Marketing for Non “Techy” People

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Perhaps the biggest misconception that is shared among marketers who consider themselves "non-techy" is the opinion that there is only one right way and a zillion wrong ways to market through social media.  In reality, there are countless ways to establish a successful marketing presence with social platforms, but there are also countless-plus-one ways to [...]

How to get $100 in free Twitter Advertising

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Twitter advertising is here. That's about all I have to say about that, as I haven't yet tested it, but I will be putting together a campaign and will definitely post the results. If you have any experience with it, positive or negative, please post a comment here. Meantime, there's a great piece over at [...]

Interesting New Study On Twitter.

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According to, Twitter users visited  Twitter less often in 2010 than 2009, but those who did visit stayed longer. According to the study by Experian Simmons Datastream: Visitors to dropped 14% in 2010, yet... Time spent Tweeting grew 18.9% in the same period. The study also found that frequency of visits increased, but [...]

Best "Tweet Adder" Software

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I've played around with tons of "Tweet adder" software packages, and come to the educated conclusion that Tweet Adder is the best. Here's why: 1. It works. They have thought through all of the bugs and downsides of adding followers, and worked out the kinks better than anybody else. 2. It's a one time, inexpensive [...]