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How to get $100 in free Twitter Advertising

– Posted in: Traffic Strategies, Twitter

Twitter advertising is here. That's about all I have to say about that, as I haven't yet tested it, but I will be putting together a campaign and will definitely post the results. If you have any experience with it, positive or negative, please post a comment here. Meantime, there's a great piece over at [...]

Content Creation Tips: One Signature Post Per Week

– Posted in: Content Marketing, Social Marketing, Traffic Strategies

If you have been following the roller coaster ride we call "Google" lately, you've heard about Penguins, Pandas, Farmers, and Whiners. The Whiners are those people who hate Google, and got kicked off the ride. The problem they have is really simple: they never understood Google in the first place. Google's MO is really simple. [...]

Avoid "Auto Mass Traffic" Program!

– Posted in: Traffic Strategies

Wow. The "Auto Mass Traffic" program is the biggest bait and switch I've seen in a long time. Mo Latif's sales video is REALLY good, it sucked me right in. The basic message is, "Buy this software and it will get you a ton of traffic." Unfortunately, this is what I call a Wizard Of [...]

Alexa Rankings Suck.

– Posted in: SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Traffic Strategies

I am no longer using Alexa rankings in any serious way when I analyze a website. I used to love Alexa rankings, and checked the cool little Alexa bar on the bottom of my Firefox browser every time I went to a site. But unfortunately, it's just not very accurate anymore. Whether it ever was, [...]

The Penny Traffic System $20 A Day Video Case Study

– Posted in: Traffic Strategies

My friend Trey Smith has discovered "The Penny Traffic System," a little known traffic source to make profits in just under 24 hours. He calls it "Penny Traffic" and you can watch the video here (no optin required) I like this because he's so transparent. He's not claiming it's a "get rich quick," or [...]