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Content Marketing Mind Map

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Content Marketing is CRITICAL for any online business, from small to big, there's no question about that. Our course, Content Arbitrage goes into great detail on every aspect of it and how I have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars through social media. And along the way, I have shared this mind map with people [...]

Facebook: Top 4 Marketing Tips for 2013

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You've seen the vast kingdom that is Facebook and you want to take control of the whole of it! That's a good idea, but let's take a second look before you jump in with both feet and end up doing something silly that will later make you look like you have about as much Facebook [...] Small Business Forum Online Marketing Training Notes

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The small business forum took place this morning in Draper, UT, and as promised on our radio show I attended and took copious notes, and there's really some great nuggets in here! Thanks to Debbie Lechner (pictured), the presenter, for doing an outstanding job, I picked up 4-5 really sweet nuggets from this [...]

Good Advice for Social Marketing Weaklings.

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8 steps to overcoming your fears, phobias and hangups on social marketing, and salvage your sorry brand. Bob owns a carpet cleaning business. “Social media? Ha! Not necessary for a company like mine!” and he naively carries on with his nineteen seventies style marketing plan. Sue is an influential mommy blogger in Bob’s city. She [...]

Pinterest is Up, Stumbleupon Stumbles, Savvy Marketers Still Don't Care

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OK, so MarketingLand reports that Pinterest is killing it, at the expense of Stumbleupon, which is down 27% since last year. But while I find both of these sites interesting, and have paid close attention to both recently, I have a bad taste in my mouth at the moment as just this morning I reviewed [...]