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Pinterest is Up, Stumbleupon Stumbles, Savvy Marketers Still Don't Care

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OK, so MarketingLand reports that Pinterest is killing it, at the expense of Stumbleupon, which is down 27% since last year. But while I find both of these sites interesting, and have paid close attention to both recently, I have a bad taste in my mouth at the moment as just this morning I reviewed [...]

It worked so good I stopped doing it…

– Posted in: Social Bookmarking

I've just been reviewing my SEO plans, and realized I can't remember the last time I used social bookmarking. Well, that's not entirely true, I submit everything to the Social Marketing Blackbox and they bookmark everything, which is cool. But I haven't done any of my own for ages. And when I was doing it [...]

10 Social Bookmarking Sites That Have "Do-Follow" Links

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If you're posting anything online, but not social bookmarking it, "you crazy." Why? Because it's free traffic and links back to your site! And guess how much it costs? Not a dime. But not all social bookmarking sites are created equal. Some will get you more traffic, but others, while getting more traffic, will get [...]

Using Stumbleupon To Create Great Blog Posts

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I'm sure you NEVER get writers block when it comes to creating blog posts. But I do. Sometimes I just need a nudge in the right direction. Well, Stumbleupon is not only a great source of natural traffic (see our free training series on Stumbleupon in the Social Marketing Blackbox) but is also a great [...]