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Should I Use HTTPS On My Website?

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Google recently announced that SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on ALL pages of a website will become a ranking factor in the near future. In the past, we haven't worried about https except on shopping pages. But, Google is trying to protect web visitors from malware etc. by encouraging webmasters to now use the HTTPS on [...]

SEO Made Easy Primer

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SEO is still my favorite marketing method... even after Penguin, Panda, and any other past or future animal update. Why? Well, first of all, check out this presentation, which gives you a great "why" as well as a lot of "how's!" SEO Made Easy... And see the list of resources below. SEM Rush (our almost [...]

#31 Breakthrough SEO Marketing Tips for 2014

– Posted in: Radio Show, SEO Tips

To just "have a website" is easy, but to have an efficient website that helps your company reach its goals takes some work and understanding.  In our last show, Dave and Dan suggested that no matter what your goals for your website are, a few aspects must be considered.  This suggestion gave birth to the [...]

Fly Like a Hummingbird!

– Posted in: Online Marketing, SEO Tips

Google... Google, Google, Google. We love Google. Here at Escape the Matrix, we use them for a variety of different things from posting tid bits of info to our following, broadcasting our radio show, searching for the latest and greatest, and of course some SEO on all our sites and our clients' sites. Sometimes Google [...]

On Hummingbirds and SEO

– Posted in: SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO Tips

So, what is Hummingbird, and how is it affecting SEO? Well... Like all the other updates (Panda, Penguin Caffeine...) Hummingbird represents a major new change in Google's algorithm, while simultaneously being a non-event for savvy marketers. Why? Because fundamentally, NOTHING HAS CHANGED... Google is simply updating it's algorithm to accomplish the exact same thing it [...]

Affiliate Marketing | How to Find Local SEO Referrals

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In case you haven't heard, we have an incredible affiliate program that allows you to generate 20% ($134+) commissions residually by referring businesses to our SEO services.  Many people know friends and family who have businesses that need better rankings and that's a great way find referrals, but if you are looking to create more [...]